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Natural Aeration is the Clear Choice

Restore and renew your waters with clean-flow aeration and lake and pond restoration services from Clean Lake Improvement Inc.. This process improves the quality of life for fish within your ponds and lakes. Aeration systems can also decrease the cost of expensive treatments for algae build-up, muck and odors.

Pond & Lake Maintenance

Rely on us as your natural lake and pond cleaning service. General maintenance services include:

Lake & Pond Management & Cleaning | Aeration Installation & Maintenance | Fountain Installation & Maintenance | Site Monitoring | Drain Maintenance | Cattail & Phragmite Maintenance

Clean-Flo Aeration

Improve the overall quality of your water when you have a lake and pond aeration system from CLEAN-FLO installed on your property. This form of air circulation adds oxygen to the water, allowing fish, aquatic insects, and aerobic bacteria to decompose organic matter. At Clean Lake Improvement Inc., we install a lake and pond aeration system that is proven to successfully increase oxygen levels in lake and pond water and naturally improve the health of a lake or pond. Control the growth of pond algae, aquatic weed and reduce muck levels with our well-designed system.

Aeration Design and Features

Our lake and pond aeration system uses special diffusers, called lake and pond aerators, to keep your water sanitary. They are engineered specifically for the lake or pond in which it is to be installed. The design process begins with an assessment of the existing conditions, water quality data (if available), size, shape, depth, and desired results. An aeration system is then designed to address the specific conditions that exist within your lake or pond.

Our lake and pond aerators are designed to improve water quality in lake or ponds and engineered for maximum efficiency. We also provide a recommendation for adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to aid the water quality improvements. Our team's approach to lake and pond aeration management is "solving the problem rather than treating the symptoms." Let us solve your problem naturally!

Before and After of Pond

Eutrophic Fish Pond Clean-Flo Natural Inversion of Pond Water Solves Many Problems

Effects of Property Developments

Property development within watershed areas has increased significantly in recent years. Many lake and ponds have been subjected to an ever-increasing load of nutrients and sediments. This has resulted in decreased lake and pond water quality. With our team's help, you can bring back the clarity and health of your aquatic ecosystems.